Graduation Day

As you may or may not know, I have been involved for the last six months in a writing programme run by the Manukau, Counties and Papakura libraries. It was a mentoring scheme for people interested in writing. The mentor was James George, an award-winning NZ author. I can personally recommend his book Ocean Roads, the only one of his three published novels I’ve read.

After two one-on-one sessions with James, the 30 participants were invited to submit a piece of work, of less than 3000 words, from which the best would be chosen for inclusion in an end-of-year book. I was lucky enough to have my entry accepted. It was a short story about a middle-aged woman, her invalid mother and her unhelpful brother.

James, who edited the book, picked only nine entries for inclusion in the book, the title of which is ‘Unfurled’.

There was an official launch in the Manurewa Library on Saturday, 20th September (the day after we arrived home from our trip to Greg & Nadine’s wedding).

James George presenting me with my copy of ‘Unfurled’

Class of 2008

There were a few short speeches. The successful writers were then presented with a copy of the book by James George. We all signed each other’s copies, had our pictures taken for a press release then mixed and mingled with glasses of wine and canapes. All very sophisticated. I felt quite chuffed.

Chick Dubber – writer.


3 responses to “Graduation Day

  1. Congratulations, Dad! That’s so awesome.

  2. Yay Dad!! You should feel chuffed. You’re not only a published writer, but the best looking published writer in the class of 2008. When is your book tour to the UK?

  3. Dear Sir,

    we have an organization working to help poor people living near to the forests and are very poor, if you think you like to write a book on the lives, lifestyles of the poor Indian villagers, i welcome you to INDIA.

    i hope your writings expose the needs of the people who dont have any support to the world through your literature.

    expecting your response.

    thank you

    Arun Bandi
    The Burning Rocks

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