Spring has Sprung

After a long wet winter (of which we missed six weeks when we were in Europe) Spring has finally arrived. The sun is shining, the grass is green (mowed the lawn last Monday, needs doing again), the Spring flowers are out and the place is looking good again. Jenny took a few photos today.

Labour Weekend is coming up and Jenny wants to order a load of compost. She’s getting serious about her garden again. Time for me to look out the water blaster.

We went up to Point Wells last Thursday for a little break. Had the place to ourselves on Thursday and Friday. We went for walks around the village and along the foreshore, I did some writing and Jenny did embroidery. On Saturday Mick & John picked up Lynne and we met them for lunch at a restaurant in Matakana, then back to the house for a couple of hours chat (mostly spent showing each other our best photos of the trip and Greg’s & Nadine’s wedding). We left about 4 and dropped Lynne off on the way home.

We had a couple of nice relaxing days.

No photos of Pt Wells. Jenny took the camera but the battery was flat. Guess who got the blame for that.


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