Cycling Through Life

I’ve inherited a bike! It was Kerryn’s which she left behind when she went overseas. I think Andrew used it for a while when he was living in Kohimarama. It was then passed on to Lee when he departed to live in Birmingham. It languished in her garage for a few years, then Lee decided she’d use it so had it serviced at the bike shop and put it back in her garage where it’s remained undisturbed for the last three years. I picked it up and took it home last week. The bike shop ticket was still tied to the handlebars. I inflated the tyres, cleaned it and sprayed CRC on the moving parts. Next day the back tyre was flat and, as the back wheel has five chain sprockets on it I decided to take it to the bike shop to get the puncture fixed “and any other thing you think needs doing to make it roadworthy”. It needed a few things done to it, like a new tyre and inner tube, a new chain, one of the brake cables had to be replaced and a couple of other things. I picked it up on Monday. Jenny bought me an early birthday present of a helmet and I splashed out another $5 on a bell.


Steve Bike-o!

I took it for a test ride on Tuesday on the new walk/cycle way the council has built round the back of the golf course. I tried all the gears till I found the one I’ll use 99% of the time (it’s pretty flat round there). I rode all the way round to the Elim Christian College. The cycleway joins up with lots of others and I could, and I probably will, cycle down to Bucklands Beach or round towards Cockle Bay without having to travel on any busy roads.


The same week as when America had an election, so too did we in New Zealand. The National Party were hot favourites to win. Their electioneering campaign centred on time for a change. Can we fix the economy? Yes We Can!

America got Barack Obama, we got Bob The Builder!


Jenny and I went to two funerals in the past week. First one was Judy Loveys (Mark’s mother). It was held at Purewa and we picked up Aaron and Lucas from school and took them with us. Lee was with Mark and his girls. It was a very personal and family celebration of her life. An old friend took the service, Mark had prepared a slide and music tribute to his mother. He also gave a very eloquent and touching tribute and other family members contributed anecdotes. We didn’t know her all that well, having only met her twice and that was when she was ill, but she was obviously a well loved and colourful character. I only knew one other person there, apart from Mark and family members, a man who is a member of the bridge club. I was talking to him afterwards and as we wandered up to the refreshment window the lady behind the counter said “How do you like your tea Chick?” It was my cousin Alice. She and Jane, her daughter-in-law, work for a company which specialises in funeral catering. I hadn’t seen her for a while and had a chat with her later. Little did I realise I’d see her again in a few days’ time at her mother’s funeral.

Aunt Annie died last Saturday. It was sad, but a blessing in one way. She’d lost her will to live after Charlie died. She’d stopped walking and given up eating. They tried drip feeding her but she kept pulling the tubes out. She didn’t recognise anyone any more.

The funeral was out at Mangere. Ron Banks gave an emotional eulogy of his mother-in-law. Pauline, Alice’s daughter and Annie’s oldest grandchild, spoke a tearful tribute. Ronald, Josephine’s son, contributed his memories. Six of Annie’s great-grandchildren offered up intercession prayers. We walked to the grave site after the service. The family and some friends went back to Alice and Ron’s for a few drinks and something to eat. We didn’t leave till after 9 o’clock. It was a good send-off.


This is the only photo I could find of Annie. It was taken at my mother’s 92nd birthday dinner we had last January. Mum was the oldest and is the last remaining member of her generation. She misses her brother and sister-in-law, as we all do.


3 responses to “Cycling Through Life

  1. I did use the bike a lot with the boys. I got is serviced a year or two ago and admittedly hadn’t used it since then. Mark and I were going to take the bikes to Whangamata but didn’t get around to it.

  2. My deepest apologies. I thought you said you hadn’t used it.

  3. That bike used to take me all along the waterfront – which is a bit like cycling along the canals here in Birmingham, but it looks more like this: and less like this:

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