Happy New Year

First blog of the New Year. January 1st was my mother’s 93 birthday. We had a family dinner to celebrate the occasion. Mum is fine although a little vague about most things. She was the oldest and is the sole surviving Dempsey of her generation. We served her favourite dish, shepherd’s pie. Ann brought a fresh berry mix and Pam brought a pavlova. We had a good time.


Getting stuck into the pavlova

We picked up Lee’s two boys, Aaron and Lucas, and took them down to Whangamata where Lee and Mark were already staying. We took them the Waihi way and stopped to have a look at the Martha open cast gold mine.


Jenny, Aaron and Lucas standing on the edge of the abyss


A very big hole in the ground

After lunch we went down to the beach for a swim and a play on the boogie boards. The weather was hot and the waves were rolling in. Back to the apartment for a game of cards before dinner. Then Lee and Mark suggested a walk along the beach.


Wonder where Mark got his t-shirt?


Jenny, me and Lee at sunset on Whangamata Beach

Whangamata Beach is very long and we walked the full length of it, stopping at Mark’s dad’s house to say Hi. Got back to the apartment at about 10, had a cup of tea and went to bed. Didn’t wake up till 9.30 the following morning. Fresh air and exercise can be quite tiring.

Walked round the shops, had a swim in the complex pool, another swim and boogie boarding at the beach and drove home after a takeaway meal from the gourmet burger place which Kerryn’s friend opened but is now for sale. Arrived back at 10pm. A nice couple of days.


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  1. How about a second blog of the year?

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