My Friends are Getting Old

Sorry about the time span between my last blog and this one. Nothing very exciting has been happening in my life. But, like buses, three invitations arrived in the same week. The first was to Bob and Lorna’s last Friday for dinner. That’s always nice as Lorna is such a good cook. Fred and Pam were there also.

The other invitations were to 70th birthday parties. The first was Ron Banks’ on Saturday. Fred and Pam picked us up and we motored over to Ron and Alice’s place for 5pm (parties start early as one ages). Jenny took her camera.


Fred, Chick and Ray (this little finger on my right) Clark

The usual cousins and friends were there. The wine and food was of a high standard and everyone had a good time.


Mark (not Lee’s Mark, Josephine’s Mark), Josephine and Ann

Everyone mixed and mingled well and a good time was had by all. Ron gave a humorous, if a little long, speech after the cutting of the cake. It was his party so it was his right to speak for as long as he liked. All in all it was a very pleasant evening.


Ron in typical pose. He reminds me of someone.


I went to tennis next day but only stayed for an hour as I was a little tired and queasy. Two late night in a row had taken their toll.

Our next engagement is to Pam’s 70th birthday party this Saturday coming. At least she’s starting hers at a sensible hour – 4pm. Looking forward to it.


2 responses to “My Friends are Getting Old

  1. That’s very true about birthday timings. Zac turned a big 2 in the weekend and his party started at 2:30

  2. Yay something new to read! I especially like the captions on the photos.

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