An Eventful Couple of Days

Last Friday Lee and Mark put on an evening for Andrew and his friends. Mark had been out on the harbour fishing, courtesy of Telecom. He came back with lots of fresh snapper which he barbequed, along with lots of other edible goodies. Jenny took the camera but, when one is in a room full of celebrities it seems a bit crass to take their photos. A pleasant evening with very interesting people.

Saturday was Pam’s 70th Birthday Party. First Ann and I had an interclub tennis match to play at the Pakuranga Club. Ann picked me up and as we left Jenny reminded us to be careful. Ann and I were playing our mixed doubles and we lost the first set in a tie-breaker. We were half-way through the second set when I went back to smash an overhead shot, lost my balance and fell heavily on my backside (the shot went out). Apart from a sore bottom and left wrist (I tried to break my fall with my left hand) all I injured, I thought, was my pride.

I carried on and Ann and I won the second set. When that happens in our grade a super tie-break is played to decide the winner. First to 10. We got to 9-0 up and it was my turn to serve. ‘Wonder if anyone has ever lost from this position’ I thought. I then proceeded to serve a double fault. Minor hiccup, I sent an ace down next serve. A good win and it put the team in a good position as we won two of the other three mixed doubles.

After a cup of tea and scone (and lots of people asking me if I was alright) we went out to play the men’s and ladies’ doubles. My partner and I were cruising to an easy win, leading 3-0 in the first set, when I started to feel some pain in my lower back. It got progressively worse, as did my tennis. The opposition gradually played better and we lost 6-3 6-3. My partner, an Asian whom I think is a doctor, his English isn’t that great, got me an ice pack and strapped it to my back.

On the adjoining court Ann and her partner were winning their game comfortably when Ann strained her calf muscle stretching for a shot. She couldn’t carry on so had to default their match. More ice packs for Ann’s leg.

As Ann and I were due at Fred and Pam’s by 4 o’clock we had to leave. Instead of the team having a comfortable win we left with the scores tied at 3-3 with the last 2 matches in progress. Ann dropped me off home and she went on to the A&E to see about her leg.

We both received a bit of ribbing from the guests at the party. Me with my sore wrist and back and Ann with her leg bandaged.


Four guests at the party. Two seem to be enjoying themselves!

The evening went well. There was a good crowd and everyone had a good time.


Pam giving a very eloquent speech at the cutting of the cake.

There was three birthday cakes. One for Pam, one for Fred as he was overseas last year at his 70th birthday, and one for Susan McGhie as it was her birthday that day (Pam’s was a couple of days earlier).


Les Trois Formidables!

Sunday morning Fred picked up nana and took her to his place. Jenny and I, Ann, the McGhies, Janet and John and Hugh and Dolly went round to join them there for a lunch of leftovers. Meant we missed most of Andrew’s jazz show on George, but not to worry. We heard him on Kim Hill’s Show on Saturday morning and Jenny listened to him on Kiwi FM breakfast show on Monday. He leaves tomorrow after a very busy week. Don’t know how he keeps going. He’s lucky his play time and his work time are the same.


5 responses to “An Eventful Couple of Days

  1. Who won the tennis????

  2. ooo – and who was at the party?

  3. The tennis ended up 4-4 and we won on a countback.
    Joe Gilfillan, a famous actor called Jim and a radio breakfast host named Jubt.

  4. The next day I was at the dentist watching the soundless TV screen when the famous actor called Jim came on with what was obviously a sore back. I could tell even without words! Fortunately it was soon fixed with some medication from Pfizer.

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