Writing and Golf

Apologies to my many readers of this blog (three at last count) for not writing anything for a while. I was waiting to upgrade my computer. The present one is getting old and a little tired and it was becoming a slow laborious job to do anything on it. But I’m about to become a grandfather again and Jenny and I have decided seeing our new grandson in London is more important than a stupid computer.


Lucas’ Birthday Bash at Ghengis Khan Restaurant

Anyway, not much has happened since my last blog. I’m into my second writing course. The first was by David Brown, a published author of short stories and poetry. That was for six weeks and, although I felt I learned something, it was a bit short and a lot of the focus was on poetry, something I have little interest in writing. So, along with three others from that course, I enrolled in another one. We have had three sessions of an eight-lesson course and I am really enjoying this one. It’s run by Judith White, a well-known NZ short story writer. It’s a day-time class and I’m the only male of 10 students. The token stud. It’s held at Auckland University and I’ve enjoyed going in to the city by train (free for pensioners).

I’m still playing tennis with the veterans on a Tuesday and Friday. Elizabeth, the lady who normally runs the board, is overseas for four weeks and I’ve taken over the responsibility. It’s a thankless task. No matter how much I bend over backwards to please everyone, someone always complains. “Am I playing against him again?” “I’ve already played with her.” “When’s Elizabeth coming back?” Pack of grumpy old buggers.

Winter interclub starts next weekend. Let’s hope we have better weather this year. Last winter we only managed to play two of a scheduled nine matches because of bad weather.

With all the tennis (and a fair bit of swimming) I haven’t been playing much golf. But I did have a game last Monday. Originally I was just going to go and hit balls on the practice fairway. Then I rang Fred and he said he’d come with me and perhaps we could play nine holes. So we did. I was going along just as I expected to, considering my recent lack of play, till we came to the par three 8th hole. It’s 140 metres long to a raised green. Fred hit first and his ball landed just short and right. I hit a good shot straight at the pin. The ball landed on the green and started rolling – then disappeared.

“It’s gone in the hole,” Fred shouted.

“I don’t know,” I said. “You can’t see the bottom of the pin. It could have rolled past.”

We walked up to the green. No sign of my ball. I’d scored my first hole in one on a proper golf course!

To make it official we had to play the whole course. Two other gentlemen joined us for the second half and the traditional celebratory drink in the bar. The club puts aside a $200 bar tab for such an event which only lasts while I’m in attendance. Monday is a quiet day and there were just us four and another couple. We had a beer each, everyone congratulated me again and that was that.

The club has arranged for my ball to be mounted on a plaque with date, hole number, and club used. I should get it in a week’s time. I’ll put a photo of it on the blog when it arrives.

That’s about it for me then. The only other thing of note recently is I received in the mail yesterday something I’ve only had twice in my life before. One was in Tasmania and the other in Oxford. This is my first ever one in New Zealand. It was a speeding ticket! I was caught on camera doing 56kmh in a 50kmh zone. All Lee’s fault. I was ferrying her two boys home from school at the time.


4 responses to “Writing and Golf

  1. Welcome back to the internet. It’s so great that you guys will be coming back over – but we do need to do something about your computer.

    Especially now that you’re a published author and everything…

  2. Hooray for your hole in one, boo for speeding. When you come over, you will be doing the ‘school run’ on foot. Not having my children driving around with their hoon-grandfather.
    Pen and paper is cheaper than a computer and I like getting letters more than emails, although I do like getting emails and reading your blog

  3. I give Dad a little money to cover his costs picking the boys up after school. I’m not sure the last 6 months’ (possibly even year’s) ‘pay’ would cover the costs of his speeding ticket!

    The only 2 speeding tickets I’ve got (other than speed cameras) were on the same road.

  4. Congrats again! What would have happened if you had somewhere else to go after the first 9 holes!? Decision time..

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