Hail to Me – Golfer

I was going to write about my hole in one in this blog, but just realised that I’ve already done that. Anyway, here is a picture of my trophy. Shows you how long it’s been since I last looked at my blog.


King of the Roost

My cousin James had his 70th birthday recently. He had a party at a restaurant/bar in Silverdale. His sister Eleanor and her husband Peter came over for the event. They stayed with my sister Ann and when they left I arranged to meet them at Grace Joel where they went to see Mum and took them out to the airport. James’ party went well and we had a great time there.


Peter, Eleanor, Mum and Ann at Grace Joel

The only other thing of note recently is we have had Les and Roger over from Brisbane staying with us for a few days. Last Sunday we went up to Matakana to visit Roger’s sister Maxine and her husband Andrew. They have a rather nice house and lovely gardens on a hilltop site.


The view


The house

My writing class finished last Wednesday. I really enjoyed it and the teacher took me out of my comfort zone with the exercises she gave us. A couple of the ladies (I was the only male of 10 in the class) were very talented and it was a privilege to be with them. The teacher took photos and said she’d email us them, but so far they haven’t arrived. I was hoping to put one in this blog. I’ll just have to do another blog when, and if, they eventuate.

Here is the last thing I did in the class. We had to pick a brooding or bleak theme and write about it. We were given 30 minutes. I was only one of three to finish in the allotted time. Naturally, it’s quite short. I chose the saying Still Waters Run Deep.

Still Waters

By Chick Dubber

Jocelyn and Steven were the perfect couple. Childhood sweethearts, everyone agreed they were made for each other. Both were conservative, undemonstrative, prudent, charitable and loving. They were a complete unit. Jocelyn was a doctor’s receptionist and Steven a Town Planner in the local council office. They seldom entertained. No point, they agreed, we get enough social intercourse in our work.

They lived in a well built but modest house which had a sea view out over the gulf. On a clear day Little Barrier and Coromandel were visible. Jocelyn and Steven loved the summer evenings when they would sit out on the deck watching the setting sun over the still flat sea.

“We’re so lucky,” Steven often said on such an occasion. He would wave his arm round in an arc at the view, “to have all this and each other.”

Dr Jack, in whose practice Pamela was employed, was a relative newcomer to the area. He quickly became a popular member of the tight-knit community through his outgoing personality and participation in local affairs.

His vivacious and pretty young wife was the town’s social doyen through her entertaining and enthusiastic participation in the amateur theatre.

They, also, were the ideal couple.

It came as a shock when a rumour went round town that all was not well in the Jack household.

“One of them is having an affair,” Steven’s secretary told him. He considered this highly unlikely and decided there was probably no truth in the story.

“Nonsense,” Jocelyn replied when Steven related it to her that evening. “Dr Jack is an honourable man and they are a happy loving couple.”

The rumour died as quickly as it had started and nothing more was mentioned of it. A few weeks later the town was rocked by the news that Dr Jack’s car had been found in a secluded part of the woods known locally as Lover’s Lane. He lay a short distance away, dead from a gunshot wound.

That evening Jocelyn and Steven were sitting on their deck looking at the setting sun on the calm sea. Jocelyn was unusually quiet, even for her.

“Come on, snap out of it,” Steven urged. “You made an error of judgment. I’m sure it won’t happen again. I forgive you.”

Jocelyn stared straight ahead, tears streaming down her face. Steven was leaning over, studiously cleaning his rifle.


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  1. liked it,expect the unexpected.

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